Our Mission.

Partnering with courageous people

Bold Coast Capital is an early stage venture capital firm that provides support to high growth Wisconsin companies and partners with the brightest innovative minds. We are committed to building strong and enduring relationships with people striving to transform industries and willing to question the status quo with unique ideas.

Leading By Example

Bold Coast Capital is built around deep leadership talent – individuals that have flourished in merit-based, fast-paced, technology-centric enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries. We partner with innovators and supply them with mentorship, resources and the steady hand that is essential when building an early stage company.

Our firm pursues results with a tireless work ethic and the understanding that success is only achieved with persistent effort and execution. We embrace that challenge directly and look forward to you joining us on that mission.

Our Commitment

Bold Coast Capital is committed to making a difference in Wisconsin’s venture capital ecosystem.