Our Process.

What is Bold coast Capital looking for?

Everything we do starts with finding the right people. Our success is determined quite simply by the quality of relationships we build over time.

People - Priority #1

Are you intelligent? Are you diligent? Are you creative? Are you comfortable in your own unique pair of shoes? Are you interested in starting a company or making an impact on the venture capital industry in Milwaukee and Wisconsin?

If the answer is yes, let’s chat.

Transformational Ideas

Most venture capitalists focus their attention on technology-based endeavors. While important and our generation’s lever of change, we believe the deeper root of finding transformational ideas lies in understanding how people make decisions, interact with a process and how they utilize their time.

If you have provocative ideas relating to these areas, we would love to hear about them.

Early Stage Companies

We are focused on ideas and ambitions at the beginning of their conception and build-out. We have deep experience in these types of settings – their complexity, the frenetic pace, their multi-functional nature and the uncertainty that accompanies the “just starting out” process.

If you are at this point in your ambition or business and need help, let’s meet.

Funding Opportunities

We look for growth investment opportunities where we can be the lead investor – provide a broad set of resources and guidance as companies build out their ambitions.

We look to take high ownership stakes early, serve on the Board, cut initial checks of $450K-$600K, bring strategic industry financial partners to the round and provide follow-on funding that is necessary to transition portfolio companies to growth/late-stage venture capital and corporate firms.

Is your business ready for funding to fuel growth? Let’s explore whether there is a fit.

Quality Partners

Are you interested in helping us move the venture capital needle in our backyard? We want to nurture those types of relationships.

Whether you can offer aligned third-party services for our portfolio companies, introductions to entrepreneurs and deal-flow in the area, strategic industry and funding partnerships, alliances on the corporate level or simply domain expertise – let’s forge those bonds which can build Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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Looking to start a conversation? Reach out to our team today.