Q & A with Brandon Anderegg of the Milwaukee BizTimes

UPDATE:  August 17, 2020   Investors and Friends, I hope all of you are well and healthy. To kick-off the fall writing season for the Bold Coast Pipeline, I would like to share with the entrepreneurial community the FULL responses (below) I shared with Brandon Anderegg and the BizTimes about my experiences trying to raise […]

Bold Coast Capital Ends Efforts To Raise Fund

UPDATE:  APRIL 29, 2020 On March 23rd, I notified my fifteen independent investors that I was ceasing efforts to raise an early-stage venture capital fund and released them from their commitments. My fiduciary duty was to create investment value and return to these individuals. Given the state of fundraising conditions, the enormous uncertainty being introduced […]

Milwaukee’s Dance with Entrepreneurial Trust

Over the last couple months, my mind has been sifting how Milwaukee can most effectively broaden its entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is what you do when building a business at the heart of that community. Industry vanguards have shared their templates on the important elements of this work. The entrepreneurial bible on this process is Startup […]

The Pipeline Forecast – 2019

Each day surfers drive through Pillar Point and approach Breakers Beach in hopes of catching the next big California wave, carrying with them accolades for a lifetime. They bring expertise in their craft, professional equipment, and an understanding that no matter how well prepared they are, uncertainty always lies offshore. Today may hold the ride […]